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Frida Kahlo: Recycled and Repurposed

Mick Manley worked closely with students from Beadle Middle School to recreate one of Frida Kahlo’s self portraits, all while helping the community. This project was not made out of your typical art materials, but made with something that fills up parks and cities… Trash! Many people think trash isn't useful but it can be so much more!

Students from Beadle Middle School went to Pipal Park this Spring to clean up trash and do some service learning. They collected all of the trash they could, parents even joined in on fun! After the trash was collected it was sanitized and brought back to Beadle Middle School. Then, students in art class helped create an amazing piece of art, inspired by a self portrait of Frida Kahlo. This specific piece of art is called a relief sculpture. All of this art was made possible by all the students, parents and amazing art teachers at Beadle Middle School. Frida Kahlo will always be remembered for her strength, positivity, and amazing creativity.

The Recycled and Repurposed portrait of Frida Kahlo was recently on display at Kaneko in Omaha, it has since been moved to the GI Forum in Omaha and will continue to move around Omaha over the next couple of months..

For more information on the participants or if you’re interested in displaying the art please contact Mick Manley at 402-598-3304.

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