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"I come from a proud family that has been an active participant in the community of Omaha for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, stimulate economic development, improve our schools, and make preservation of our historical buildings, a priority. As a successful entrepreneur, I know what it takes to find solutions and get things done.”


Social Programming for Economic Growth

“Through specialized investing programs— ones that will allow charities and foundations to make recoverable investments by tying an economic discipline to communities with the social mission of philanthropy— my aim is to generate positive social and financial returns while spurring economic development and job creation in Omaha.”

I have a clear vision:

Omaha continues to attract business from a variety of growing industries. It is my goal to help spark development of creative social programming within our region to drive economic development while simultaneously building stronger community relationships.  I believe this is critical for both economic growth, and social responsibility, as it benefits both individuals and our communities—financially and socially.

The greater Omaha region offers many qualities key to economic success, including: an educated workforce, available commercial real estate, lower costs, and incentives for business.

I am taking action:

Actions speak. I am in process of creating a network of like-minded business people (those like myself who care about our communities and their future), investors and partner companies which will ultimately lead to greater chances of success and have a positive impact on the people and economy of greater Omaha.  I bring proven success to my long-term vision, with my most recent company completely debt-free and profitable within first 90-days.

Fiscal Responsibility

“I believe every organization should base its budgets on actual revenues, not hoped for revenues. And, no person in government should ever approve a program or service before knowing the full cost and its long-term impact.”

As a successful multi-business entrepreneur, I bring an exceptional knowledge of money and investments. My mantra has long been to optimize revenue stream use while maintaining or improving service to make for better use of operating income.  When it comes to financial responsibility, I am proud of my accomplishments. Among them: 

  • Bought first home in Omaha at age 24

  • Made first real estate investment at age 25

  • Never carried long-term debt

  • Always has had cash on hand savings

  • Began making retirement investments in late teens

  • Fully insured 

Historic Preservation

“Preservation of historic properties demonstrates long-term vision by preserving irreplaceable cultural resources, and promoting sustainability practices by conserving our limited environmental resources.”

Older, historic buildings attract people. The revival of American downtowns proves that people like historic, older buildings and prefer to live and work near and around them.  Historic buildings also are physical reminders of a city’s culture. Visitors and residents alike can see firsthand the aesthetic and cultural significance and history of an area.  In fact, there are several outstanding examples right here in in Omaha. From Union Station, Orpheum Tower, Astro Theatre (now The Rose Theater), and Joslyn Castle, to Dundee Theatre, Rail Commerce District and the incredible 7 Burlington Station KETV.

Omaha needs older buildings to maintain a sense of permanency and history. There is no chance to save a historic building once it is gone. The reality is that once a piece of history is destroyed, it is lost forever. 

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