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About We Can Make A Difference          


We Can Make A Difference is a multidimensional philanthropic organization working to help bring positive change in our community. We initiate, develop and help create philanthropic efforts focused on overcoming the tremendous task of bringing everyone's quality of life to a standard that we can all agree upon, one person at a time. Together, We Can Make A Difference.



For the past year I have been doing one thing a day for the Omaha community in the form of volunteering, making donations, feeding the homeless, providing bus passes and numerous other acts of kindness. I used this yearlong charity effort to encourage others to volunteer or donate just an hour of their time or resources to  better the community.


Over 300 hours were contributed to the community, but for my final act I had something bigger in mind. I came up with the idea of donating a car to someone in need to wrap up my #Onefor365 project. We Can Make a Difference chose to donate the car to a resident of the Sienna-Francis House in Omaha who was going through tough times and in need of a car. 


300 Hours:

Over 1500 people were fed

Over 1500 books were donated

Vistited every firestation in Omaha 

Hundreds of graves were cleaned

50 backpacks were donated to the youth in Omaha

2 full days spent with Defy at Nebraska State Prison

Over 260 articles of clothing raised for Veterans

Small donations made to over 50 local charities

Omaha parks were cleaned over 35 times

Over 100 board games and puzzles donated

1 dozen baby carriers donated

Over 150 free bus ride passes were given out

30 lamps were donated to Veterans

10 bags of linens donated for a non kill animal


1 speech for suicide awareness was given

Over 25 visits to a nursing home

Among other things!


“If we took the population of Omaha and put that into just one hour per person per year, the equivalence would be weeks and weeks’ worth of workers’ time” 

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