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A Good Company Imploding

   Up until about a month ago Goodwill was known as a great company in the Omaha community.  After a story ran about the CEO making triple what the companies budget was for their sole reason for being a non profit by The Omaha World Herald, the public has expressed disdain for the company and has vowed to stop supporting them. 

   With a 26% loss in donations since the story ran, it's clear to see the public is not backing down on their word. To make things worse, the board of directors continues to defend their actions as to why they did that which is the completely wrong way to handle it.

  Sunday the 27th of November, 2016, OWH ran a story explaining how Goodwill Nebraska gave $5million worth of no bid contracts to companies where Goodwill executives were on the board of directors of said companies.  One can assume this will only further the public's commitment to other non profits in the area rendering a bigger decrease in donations.

  In order for this company to regain the confidence of the public, the swamp must be drained and anyone that allowed to this happen must be rid of and replaced with people the public can trust.  No change in stance will  result in hundreds of hard working people losing their jobs because of the stubbornness of a few.

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